Sample Reports

    You can print six different reports of the results from an analysis. Just choose Reports from the main menu and then Analysis Reports from the submenu. All reports are generated as PDF files so you can easily save them to your computer.

    Samples of each report can be viewed by clicking on one of the following:

  1. Summary of Choices - this provides information on the choices you made along the way to run this analysis, such as the name of the community and project profile, how long the run is for, whether you chose to include incentives or tourism impacts, and which utilities are provided by the local jurisdiction and which are used by the facility.

  2. Summary of Results - this is a one-page summary including some key inputs from the community profile and the project profile and results from the analysis. Good one to give to a local official.

  3. All the Details - this is the mother of all reports. It prints out all the details of the results of the fiscal impact analysis. If you run for 10 or fewer years, it generates seven pages. More than 10 pages it prints 14 pages!

  4. Major Categories - this is a good report to print to see a breakdown of revenues and expenditures by category. Only one page for 10 or few years and two pages for more than 10 years.

  5. Totals Only - this is the one to look at first in the software after you run an analysis because it only has total benefits, total costs, net benefits, and the NPV. As a printed report, it only provides a minimal amount of information.

  6. Miscellaneous Measures - the reports in 3-5 above all provide the results of the fiscal impact anlaysis over time, but at different levels of detail. This report provides key demographic and economic variables that are behind the fiscal impact analysis. It provides the employment and payroll, the resulting number of households forecast to be formed in the local jurisdiction, retail sales, and new pupils if the school district was included in the community profile.