LOCI™ is the nationally recognized local-government fiscal impact tool originally developed at Georgia Institute of Technology. Now owned and supported by the Economic Impact Group, it was completely redesigned in 2013. LOCI™ is licensed by economic development agencies/departments, chambers, development authorities, and local governments throughout the United States.

LOCI... The Gold Standard in Fiscal Impact Analysis Software

Let's be honest: Fiscal Impact Analysis is a very difficult and time-consuming process. The amount of data required for fiscal impact analysis and the complexity of the analysis are two important reasons economic developers don't incorporate it into their protocol for projects. And on the occasions that fiscal impact analysis is required, the analysis is virtually always out-sourced.

LOCIapp makes it possible for users without advanced economic degrees to conduct analyses for all but the most complex models. Find out more.

"LOCI results are presented in a way that companies understand, providing them with assurance that local governments can fulfill their commitments while continuing to be a high-quality place where employees want to live." —Economic Development America

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