About LOCI

This site was set up to help our clients and casual visitors gain a better understanding of basic concepts, access resources that may help those that want to know more, and, most of all, access our web-based fiscal impact software  for local governments - LOCI™.

LOCI™ started out as a desktop application in late 1999. It was developed to help level the playing field. Local leadership had no way to know if the positive impacts touted by prospects were accurate. LOCI™ was developed to fill that gap by assisting local leadership in deciding how much public support to give to economic development projects. Although this software cannot make these decisions, it can provide important information on the costs and benefits an economic development project represents to the community.  It is designed to enable the community to take advantage of opportunities presented without compromising its ability to maintain the level and quality of government services needed to attract future development and meet the needs of its citizens.

You can use this tool to run up to a 20-year projection of the change in local government revenues and expenditures due to a new or expanding firm locating in the jurisdiction. You can also choose to include monetary incentives at runtime to gauge what impact the incentives package has on the fiscal impact forecast.

This tool can be licensed by contacting Alfie Meek, PhD, principal and chief economist at the Economic Impact Group (EIG). His phone number is  (678) 357-7840.